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Kris just thought she was going to babysit and watch the children, but little did she know that she was going to have to meet Daddy's needs too! While the wife was away, Kris started getting it on with her employer in the living room. He worked over her little teen pussy in every position until she finally accepted his cumshot as payment for her services!

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Vanilla is a naughty babysitter who was hitting on her employer. The minute he whipped out his cock, she got on her knees and started to suck him off! Vanilla then rode on top of his cock and got her teen pussy fucked nice and hard on the couch. After she got fucked by her boss, he then dropped a load of his man pudding all over her beautiful face!

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Cute schoolgirl teen swallows her employer's cock. Jeannie had a babysitting job after school and one afternoon she caught her employer jerking off! Seeing that he had needs to be met, Jeannie obliged him by hiking up her cute little mini skirt so he could penetrate her hot hole!

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Cheerleader cheats on her boyfriend with her boss. It has been getting out of control these last few weeks but what can he do. He has fallen in love with the cute, cuddly little girl whom his wife hired to watch the kids. Renee's soft little body and tight asshole was all he yarned for. He had to have that teen twat... and he did.

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Babysitting teen poked in the pussy. Dave’s wife has divorced him so he will need a new Babysitter to help with the kids on the weekend. But first, he has to break her in and teach her the ropes. And boy, does she deliver.

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Two teen nannies punished by their boss. Heather should never have let her no good juvenile delinquent girlfriend into the house. After all-Heather was on a babysitting job. How was she to know Ashley wanted to rob the place. Then the shit really hits the fan when the parents get home. Oh No-Heather will never baby sit in this town again!

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